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Energy blackmail used to get support for apartheid regime

How South Africa blackmailed the UK government to exile Seretse Khama and my English wife from returning to southern Africa.

Surviving an elephant charge

Our campsite at Savuti was almost infested with elephants. They see tents as solid objects fortunately, and are very careful not to stand on them, but occasionally you can push them too far...

Born in Kenya and Uganda: settled in Botswana

As I travelled around Botswana on my last trip, I had the pleasure to stay with Cathy and Joe, a delightful couple now living in Maun, in the north of Botswana. They'd fled Idi Amin's Uganda in 1972 and finally settled in Botswana in 1994. They had some interesting insights from many years living and working in Botswana, and tinged by being able to make comparisons with other African countries.

Seretse Khama: a true African statesman

Botswana is the 'Switzerland of southern Africa': a stable, democratic, little known country that has avoided the tragedies and upheavals of its neighbours. For much of this, it owes a huge debt to its first president, Seretse Khama.

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