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If I don't fit your needs, have a look at the guest speakers below. While they are friends or colleagues, I have heard them speak and I feel comfortable in recommending them. Click on a name for more info.

Paul Deegan
An enthusiastic mountaineer. Has summited Everest and provides motivational and mountaineering lectures. Very personable and with a dry sense of humour. To use a Scottish turn of phrase, "he could blether for Britain". Divides his time between the UK and US.

Steve Jones
Steve has spent 25 years leading youth expeditions and managing operations all over the world. He is an expert in polar history and currently organises logistics in Antarctica for diverse expeditions operating in extremely challenging circumstances. He has hard-won leadership experience in high-risk environments where decisions save lives.

Angus Miller (GeoWalks)
Angus is a professional geologist, rapidly establishing a reputation as an expert in explaining Scottish geology. He runs day and residential geology trips, provides training in geology interpretation, and can provide talks on Montserrat, where he monitored the volcano as part of the international team of scientists.

John Pilkington
John exudes bonhomie and whenever I have followed him at a venue, he is always spoken of warmly, and is always repeat booked. He is also a radio broadcaster and travel author. He can be out of the country for several months at a time but maintains good communications while away.

Paul Rose
Paul is a BBC TV Presenter, field logistics expert, polar guide, professional diver & instructor, mountaineer, and yacht skipper. He has also been awarded the US Navy Polar Medal for his work with NASA and the Mars Lander project in Antarctica. He's a born enthusiast (as his TV programmes demonstrate) with a genuine warmth and interest in people around him.

John Harrison
John is an expert on South America and has led many canoe expeditions there, as well as in Europe, Africa, Canada and the US. The film ‘John Harrison Explorer’ was made for the ‘Voyager’ series by National Geographic in 1991, about a canoe journey on the Rio Ximim-Ximim in Brazil.

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