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Montserrat volcano eruption

Montserrat volcano eruption: an eye witness account

Montserrat impacts and adaptations'Surviving the volcano': managing disaster

Volcano threatens to erupt” was the newspaper headline greeting me as I arrived on Montserrat to participate in a biodiversity survey of what was thought to be a volcanically dormant island. I witnessed close up the eruption that marked the beginning of the evacuations and the disruption to this idyllic island and its friendly people. Over a two-month period I saw the island transformed from a relaxed, beautiful Caribbean paradise into an evacuated and dangerous landscape.

Montserrat volcano eruptingAll this is documented with striking images and engaging stories, including my near death experience as I witnessed the first eruption. I have revisited the island to see how it has changed since and I can deliver a composite talk that looks at before, during and after the eruptions to see how Montserrat is redeveloping itself.

A popular talk with schools

This talk is very popular with schools as it tackles issues such as geohazard geography, the impacts of natural disaster on local communities, and the difficulties of managing and predicting volcanic impacts. Schools have also used me as a resource in geography lessons throughout the day, including when Montserrat is the chosen case study for the Common Entrance exam.

"Many, many thanks for your wonderful Montserrat talk yesterday at Hall Grove. The pupils haven't stopped talking about it all day! It was a fascinating insight into how so much physical change can happen in such a short period of time and how the community responded to the disaster. Your very personal take on the events made it all the more compelling. We'd love to have you back in the New Year for one of your other talks!"
Ian Adams, Hall Grove Preparatory School, Surrey


Plymouth, Montserrat from the sea

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