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School assembly guest speaker

School assembly talk guest speaker

School assembly talks on personal development, and the environment

My most popular 15 minute secondary school assembly talks are detailed below but themes from any of my full talks can form the basis of an assembly talk, for example environmental ethics and sustainability, nature conservation, and adventure. Their images can act as a taster for other talks later in the day.

"Things I wish I could have told my teenage self"

David Edwards - public speaker giving talks to schools and clubs on travel and adventure This talk looks at how I developed my interests and how along the way I learned things that I wish I could have gone back in time to tell my teenage self. Life tips are sprinkled into a talk about adventure and development.

"I sometimes think when I’ve been a guest speaker at schools that for some students it’s hard to relate to the person on stage: they’re seeing an adult ‘finished product’ who is somehow on a pedestal they could never climb onto, and don’t realise that the speaker has perhaps taken an erratic path to get there and one that is equally accessible to them. So I start with my unprepossessing school days, trying lots of different things after school before discovering my passion, the opportunities I threw myself into, the importance of making friends along the way, the importance of ‘giving things a go’."

There’s plenty of light-heartedness too, including why I felt smug in hospital after breaking both legs mountaineering, what goes through your mind when you think you’re just about to be killed by a volcano, persuading someone else to cross a glacial river first in a dodgy boat, and how newspapers can write stories about your adventures that you don’t recognise! It’s designed to be entertaining, engaging and inspiring but also provide some thoughtful insights into developing as a person.

"Earth First - Every day should be Earth Day"

David Edwards - public speaker giving talks to schools and clubs on travel and adventure A fast paced talk with three distinct sections. The first part sets some context by demonstrating our near 200 year understanding that human activities were damaging the environment. The middle section looks at the growth of the environmental movement and how society's attitudes to the environment changed, and how it was realised it needed protecting.

The final section looks at what we can do as individuals to make a difference.

“I have heard from numerous staff and pupils how much your talks were enjoyed and know that there has been a buzz in Geography since Monday. Thank you for making the effort to travel so far to come and speak, I will definitely be recommending you to my old school and others around and I know this is something the Head of Department would be interested in for next year.”
Victoria Marriott, New Hall School

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