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Mountain speaker

Mountain speaker

Mountain speaker'Mountains'

Mountains are inspiring, dangerous, and life-giving. They help control weather and include landforms shaped by glaciers. This talk, aimed at Year 5 and 6 pupils, will show some of the special mountains of the world, the landscapes they contribute to, and how they are climbed.

Mountain climbing equipment I can bring along climbing gear to illustrate the points I'm making. This also allows pupils to have a 'hands on' trying of the equipment afterwards, including ice axes, crampons, sleeping bags, down jackets, ropes and climbing protection.

I have met some of the greats of the mountaineering world, including Doug Scott and Chris Bonnington. Sir Edmund Hillary was rather unimpressed when he met me though!

“I have heard from numerous staff and pupils how much your talks were enjoyed and know that there has been a buzz in Geography since Monday. Thank you for making the effort to travel so far to come and speak, I will definitely be recommending you to my old school and others around and I know this is something the Head of Department would be interested in for next year.”
Victoria Marriott, New Hall School

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