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Montserrat volcano eruption speaker

Talk on the impacts of the Montserrat volcano on the people

Nature guide Scriber'Montserrat - reclaiming paradise' : a talk on the aftermath of disaster and the redevelopment of Montserrat

In 1995, while working on an animal conservation project, I witnessed the volcanic eruptions and evacuations that changed Montserrat’s destiny and which I talk about in my popular talk: ‘Montserrat – surviving the volcano’. In 2011 I went back to see for myself how the island has recoveredBelham Valley choked with pyroclastic material and to revisit areas which have been destroyed since I was there. With the population having lost two thirds of its land space there have been major social shifts and challenges. I explore these by talking to Montserratians about the impacts on their lives and the adaptations they must make, and shows what it is like to live on the new Montserrat.

(For those who have already heard me speak about the momentous events of 1995, this will be a fascinating follow up talk – as featured on Radio 4’s ‘Excess Baggage’) .

A great place to visit

Montserrat has a huge amount to offer as a tourist destination - don't be put off by some of the doom and gloom documentaries that have been made. Montserratians are a proud, welcoming people who want to share their beautiful island. Support them by visiting. The Montserrat Tourist Board is a great place to start planning your trip, but feel free to contact me too for personal recommendations and ideas.

Plymouth, Montserrat from the sea

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