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New  Zealand guest speaker

New Zealand guest speaker

New Zealand - land of wonder

Welcome to Aotearoa ('land of the long white cloud' in modern Māori usage). It is a land of variety; from tropical forest to ice cap, from deep water sperm whales to basking fur seals. Bubbling mud pools, offshore volcanoes, and amazing scenery astound the visitor. Beautiful natural light ensured stunning photographs, so join me for the two months I spent trekking in, and exploring, New Zealand - a land of wonder that I very nearly didn't come back from; such was the hold it exerted on me.

And in a country that is proud of its low crime rate, I nevertheless manage to find myself trapped in a mini with a car thief and surrounded by four police cars...

New Zealand photo gallery

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 White Island Dart glacier Champagne pool margin Mt. Cook Whale fin Shelter Rock hut Prince of Wales Feathers geyser

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