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Climate change and global warming speaker

Climate change and global warming speaker

Climate change speakerClimate change and global warming talk

I have lectured at university and been a speaker on climate change and global warming for many years, as well as visiting Antarctica with leading researchers in climate science and working on an international ocean and climate research ship. I was an official observer at COP26 in Glasgow in 2021.

This talk is great for a school or general audience which wants to know what the impacts might be, how the evidence was collected, how our understanding has grown over time, and what we can do to address the climate crisis. As a speaker known for my ability to popularise and engage, this talk is far from being dry.

Speaker giving talk on climate change The understanding of climate change, and the role humanity plays, has been a painstaking story of patient detection. Climate changes naturally for a variety of reasons and science has to carefully attempt to separate the consequences of natural change from anthropogenically caused change. This has involved the development of novel ways of gathering data from the past to better understand the future: from the icy wastes of Antarctica, to the depths of the oceans. This story of the creative ways we deduce the past forms the start of the talk. The talk then delves into how we know climate is changing now (and how we know it’s us), and why it’s a problem. The talk finishes by looking at what society, and individuals, can do to fight climate change.

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"David’s talk at our Climate Change Conference was excellent. He made the technical side of climate change accessible for all. His talk was engaging and humorous and was the highlight of our conference. Thanks David."
Mo Galway, Senior School Standards Officer (Leadership Development Lead)

"We greatly appreciated your talk - it was refreshingly unbiased, educational and put forward in a manner that lay people could understand. I know that many found it very thought provoking - issues I certainly hadn't connected to the energy dilemma! I think the questions could have gone on all night, judging by the interest aroused! Thank you again - hope we'll see you back in Stirling soon."
Katy Haddock, Royal Scottish Geographical Society (Stirling committee)

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