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Environmental talks speaker

Speaker on energy, sustainability, climate change, and conservation

Environment, sustainability, and nature conservation talks

Through my travels, research trips, and university teaching, I illuminate and clarify important environmental issues. Using high quality slides, I aim to entertain, surprise and inform, whether a specialist audience or a general audience keen to have their horizons expanded. My environmental talks are booked by conferences, schools and lecture societies.

Environmental issues speaker Our Energy Future

Where our energy comes from is of vital importance for security, cost and environmental reasons. This entertaining and visually appealing talk looks at our energy options and evaluates their feasibility. It also looks at the political issues, and what are the devastating consequences when societies have their energy curtailed. Finally, it explores the human rights and foreign policy considerations that devolve from how we choose to source our energy. The talk ethically examines the choices ahead of us and the impacts on societies around the world.

Environment society speaker Living with the Environment

Our lifestyles are having profound impacts on the Earth's ecosystems. How much of nature are we prepared to sacrifice to sustain our lifestyles, and does it matter? Are we living sustainably? Is it possible for everyone in the world to enjoy a decent material quality of life without losing the simple pleasure and wellbeing that having nature in our lives brings? What are the conservation challenges? I explore how 'progress' is measured and what environmental costs we are prepared to pay to maintain current living standards. This is a thought provoking and enlightening talk for a general audience.

Climate change speaker Climate change

Climate has always changed naturally, but humanity is now warming the climate at an unprecedented rate. How do we know climate changes? How do we know we're changing climate? What problems does it cause?
This talk aims to provide an overview of our understanding of climate change and also looks at what governments and citizens can do to combat it.

Nature conservation speaker The End of Nature

In this talk I examine the impossibility of finding anywhere on Earth that has not been affected by mankind's activity, how we reconcile that with notions of wilderness, how we value nature, and the necessary redefining of what is now 'natural'.

Geology speaker Geology: the stories in the rocks

Geology is not just about rocks, it's about stories, and geology has some fantastic ones to tell. This talk is aimed at an audience with no geological background. At the end of it you will have a new appreciation of how important geology is, how it helps us see our place in the world, and will also get you looking at rocks with renewed interest.

Antarctica science speaker Antarctica: a continent for science

Antarctic environmental science has loomed large in my professional life. Ozone depletion, climate change and plate tectonics have all given up secrets to scientists studying in one of the harshest environments in the world. Here I explore Antarctica with world class environmental scientists and look at why it is so important to our understanding of the planet and what the future might hold.

JOIDES Resolution drill shipThe Ship with a Hole in it

I have been an expedition participant on the marine research ship JOIDES Resolution in the Pacific. This is part of an amazing international research program that has helped uncover the secrets of tsunamis, plate tectonics, earthquakes and climate change by drilling through a hole in the bottom of the ship and into the seafloor. Come on board and learn what it's like to conduct scientific research, and support a self-contained floating community for months at a time, in one of the most difficult environments in the world.

"Many thanks for a very thought provoking talk, well constructed and brilliantly delivered. It was most refreshing to hear a talk on ‘Our Energy Future’ covering all aspects of the energy debate presented in a completely unbiased way and leaving the audience to decide on the way forward. I thoroughly recommend this talk to other societies – it is a talk that everyone should hear! I hope you will be able to come back soon and give us another of your talks."
Jeff Pattison, Grange Lecture Society

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