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The role of Observers at COP26

There are just under 40,000 attendees at COP26. Around 14,000 are observers. What is their purpose, and why might you know one of them?

Climate change: what can an individual do?

Individuals have more power than perhaps they may realise. How you apply it is important.

Reflections on COP26: Has It Saved Us from Catastrophic Climate Change?

A piece I wrote for the ethical travel company, Adventure Canada (opens in a new tab).

What did COP26 achieve?

Some personal thoughts on what we can take away from the meeting..

What was it like at COP26?

Behind the security barrier at COP26.

Monitoring infectious disease in a changing climate

World Health Organisation research update on monitoring infectious disease using climate based models.

Government messaging at COP26

There is a common, highly scripted, format for UK government events.

COP26 informal stocktaking

An event to bring the audience up to speed with progress so far, and invite comment.

Mythbusting climate and environment public opinion

The latest Ipsos Mori research on how the public views climate and environmental issues. But are their views correct?

Interview with Professor Richard Alley (YouTube)

Professor Richard Alley is one of the world's leading glaciologists and climate scientists. While we were down in Antarctica I took the opportunity to interview him about the importance of ice research to understanding climate change. Opens in a new window.

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