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Volcanic Iceland speaker

Volcanic Iceland guest speaker

Speaker on Iceland and its volcanic eruptionsIceland: glacial volcanic wilderness

Iceland is a truly magical and unique country. Just over two hours flight from the UK it is Europe's closest wilderness. Iceland is the country that shouldn't exist: recently created from volcanic seafloor that has breached sea level, it is not part of any continent. Plate tectonics still tears it apart, giving rise to eruptions and volcanic landscapes that are hard to find anywhere else. Icelanders have learned to live with their geologically turbulent country, despite devestating natural disasters. Our explorations will include modern day Heimaey (the 'Pompeii of the North') to look at the impacts of the 1973 eruption that almost destroyed the island, and also look at the current challenges facing the town of Grindavik as volcanic activity threatens livelihoods and infrastructure.

Speaker on geology of Iceland and its eruptions With many years experience as a guide to Iceland, I use my geological expertise to provide insights to this astonishing other-worldly wilderness. NASA trained astronauts here due to the resemblance to the lunar landscape, and it's no surprise it has become so popular with film makers looking to film against  a natural backdrop that effortlessly conjures up alien worlds.

“I am writing on behalf of our Society to thank you for coming to Clacton Arts & Lits and giving us such an interesting and entertaining evening. I personally enjoyed it very much and I think I can say on behalf of all our members that they did to. I was also grateful that you were so patient meeting our committee and members, it was a pleasure to have you with us and I hope you enjoyed your time with us too. You are a natural public speaker with a relaxed and friendly presentation manner. Our audience of over 750 were enthralled throughout and have asked for a return visit.”
Cindy Hardy, Clacton & North East Essex Arts & Literary Society

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