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Hawaii volcanism

Hawaii guest speaker: America's volcanic paradise

Lava entering sea'Hawaii: the pacific anomaly'

Hawaii is one of the most intriguing places on the planet. A Pacific island chain that shouldn't be there. The most isolated populated area in the world. Tropical islands (with snow capped mountains) that are part of the USA but don't feel like it. Safe to live on but with continuous volcanic activity. The place where WWII started for America, and where its end is commemorated. A tropical island paradise with a tourist beach culture, but is also the seventh wettest place on Earth. The western outpost of the US with Asia, with observatories tracking objects in space. Its clear air and high mountains make it the world standard in monitoring air quality and atmospheric gases.

USS Missouri at Pearl HarborCome and explore this unique and fascinating area. Come to Pearl Harbour and meet one of its survivors, see its exciting volcanic activity, learn how its diversity and mix of cultures means it sees itself as apart from mainstream America, enjoy the (endangered) wildlife, and learn what it's like to live in a place with a huge diversity of culture and geography.

(this talk is designed for a general audience. My Hawaii talk for schools is here)

"Thank you so much for another superb evening, the members were quick to record their enjoyment. The construction of the talk was superb, images were terrific, lots of variety, much information delivered in a stimulating way and...humour. I never fail to be impressed by your ability to pitch it 'just right' for us and realise you must do this for a very wide variety of audience types - a great (and time consuming) skill!"
Joan Gaffiney, Speaker secretary, International Travel and Holidays Association
"Thank you for delivering such a fascinating and wide-ranging lecture last night. Your images of diverse volcanic activity were spectacular especially the lava lakes and it was so interesting to hear about the active geology continually changing the face and size of the islands and how the inhabitants deal with the vulnerability of their land from tsunamis. It was also interesting to be introduced to the human side of Hawaii, hear about the unusual language and to join some locals on a demonstration. What a treat to see the placard 'Make America Think Again'. A truly inspiring evening."
Rosie Spalding, Guildford Travel Club

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